Finger Cymbals for Belly Dance – Tobias Roberson with Rachel Brice & Mardi Love

Tobias Roberson

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On 11 June
Last modified:24 December


Sounds expensive but you get a lot for your money

I was hesitant about the price of this DVD until I discovered it covers no less than 3 hours of material! And every single minute is devoted to teaching how to play the zills.

While this DVD is ideal for beginners, there's so much content here that you'll keep coming back to it as you progress in your belly dancing career.

I like the fact that the teacher is a musician (Tobias Roberson is a drummer), not a dancer. Too often, I see dance teacher getting their students to start dancing with zills far too early, with the result that students don't truly master the rhythms and techniques - you can get away with that at beginner level, but then it all falls apart when you move on to more advanced combos.  Besides, sagats are an instrument, and deserve to be played properly.

This DVD is all about understanding the rhythms - it's then up to you to apply that to the dance. If you want a DVD to give you dance practice with zills, try Killer Ziller by Michelle Joyce.

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