Yamina “Soreya”

Yamina "Soreya" is a Perth belly dancer specialising in world fusion belly dance.  Her belly dancing school is based at the Beleza Samba School studios in Fremantle.

I see so many dancers using Isis wings badly - it's nice to see them handled well in this clip taken at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney 2008:

You can see more of Soreya in action and contact her by visiting her profile at Tribe.net - which, by the way, is becoming a kind of Facebook for belly dancers, especially the Tribal ones (for obvious reasons)!

For details of her classes, visit the Beleza Samba website.  Here is a clip of her students in action:

Interview with Perth belly dancer Yamina "Soreya"

How did you get started with belly dancing?
I was 14 on a Sahara trip with my parents, and I saw our tour guides dance around the fire every night on the sound of tablas... I was mesmerized by it! Back home, I spent countless hours listening to oriental music and mimicking their moves as well as finding my own.

2. What is your favourite belly dancing style and/or prop?
I love contemporary fusion bellydance and bellysamba! I love pushing the barriers of bellydance and experimenting various fusion styles. If the music inspires a high kick or falling on the ground, then why not do so! Bellysamba is born from my passion for Brazilian dancing combined to bellydancing, and is a very energetic fun fusion, that helps assert one's sensuality, femininity and pride!

My favorite prop is the veil; I see it as an extension of the body and silk veils are definitely my favorite because they have a life of their own! I am always in awe at the fabric patterns into the light as they fly up and down in the air...

Who or what has had the greatest influence on your belly dance style?
I am a fervent admirer of Anasma Vuong, a world fusion artist from France, of Tunisian/Vietnamese origins. She is a master of improvisation, miming, and interactive theatre. Her performances take bellydance to another level, and she never ceases to amaze me with her original ideas.

People that influenced me in my dance are Terezka Drnzik (Sydney), Belyssa Radzivanas (Perth), Russya Connor (Germany) and Linda Faoro (France). I like to be pushed and challenged and these people helped me question my dance and work on my body posture.

What advice would you offer an aspiring belly dancer?
Never forget to listen to your own voice! Spend some time listening to your favorite music at home, and improvise on it, using the technique learnt in class with your teacher but transferring it into your own moves. If you are shy and afraid of performing, pretend to be somebody else on stage; work on your drama skills.
Also always keep on doing research about your dance style, watch other dancers for inspiration, and acknowledge the cultural background of any style you learn.

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    Hello can i please have details for a beginners class near Fremantle?

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