Wave Explosion – Bellydance Hip-Hop Liquid Fusion

Review of: Wave Explosion
Anasma and Future

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On 21 August
Last modified:19 July


Good value for intermediate and advanced Tribal Fusionistas

I have to say I'd never heard of "Liquid Fusion" before, but here it is: a fusion of belly dance and hip hop.

I did wonder whether it would genuinely bring anything new: after all, Rachel Brice, Aradia and many others have been using pops and locks for a long time.  I confess I'm not the best person to review this one because I have always been hopeless at popping and locking - but if I wanted to perfect those moves, I can see how this DVD would be very useful, particularly because some of the instruction is given by a hip hop dancer, not a belly dancer, and that provides a different perspective.

This is a two-disc set offering a solid 4 hours of warmup, drills and instruction.   For the intermediate/advanced dancer who wants to improve their snake arms, popping, locking etc.

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