Ultimate Bellydance Fitness Workout

Ayshe, Blanca, Elisha, Kim, Layla Isis, Neon and Tanna

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On 5 August
Last modified:2 November


Too hard for the beginner but too easy for the more advanced.

Talk about overkill!  An entire troupe (the Temple of Jehan - Ayshe, Blanca, Elisha, Kim, Layla Isis, Neon and Tanna) are involved in presenting this workout.

It's a complete belly dance class including warm-up and cool down, each section presented by a different dancer.

I found myself feeling a bit confused by this DVD. The "blurb" says "If you don't have any dance training, you will need sharp observation skills and focus to meet the challenge" - so they clearly recognize the standard is too difficult for a beginner.  There's very little breakdown or explanation of the moves.  Yet the presentation (some of the dancers wear jeans) seems to be aimed at a non-bellydancing market.

I felt that an experienced belly dancer would get bored with this fairly quickly, whereas a beginner would be bamboozled, so I'm not sure who their "target market" is.  Maybe Beyond Beginners wanting to improve their fitness using belly dance moves.

Oh, and you will either love or loathe the New Age music!

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