Tribal Revolution: Tribal Fusion Bellydance Performances

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3 Responses

  1. Madeline V. Sloan says:

    You can find us in front of any shiny surface practicing our moves, at fleamarkets, bargaining over old jewellery or cool piece of clothing, at every workshop in 1000 km radius, at a random bellydance studio in Vienna, actually any dance studio in Vienna, and if you’re lucky, we’ll be dancing at the event you’re attending, or organizing!

  2. Doris F. Anthony says:

    Note that “locking”, “popping”, and “ticking” are not mentioned. These are breakdance/hip hop movements that many tribal fusion dancers have integrated into their performances. These robotic and staccato movements are not essentially tribal, nor are they essentially belly dance. I have seen many cabaret and oriental dancers integrate these movements into their performances, and yet they still remain essentially cabaret because they lacked the other above mentioned characteristics. Popping, locking, ticking, and strobing are part of the “fusion” of “tribal fusion bellydance.” I’m surprised at how many people I encounter who believe that these are essential to tribal style bellydance.

    • Thea says:

      Yes, Rachel Brice has a lot to answer for! Personally I think the popping and locking has become too widespread – I see far too many would-be Rachels who spend a whole routine ticking and popping, and forget to dance!

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