Tribal Fusion Fundamentals

Bellydance Superstars

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On 14 July
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For Superstars fans

If you're a Bellydance Superstars fan, you may want to include this DVD, by four Bellydance Superstar Tribal dancers, in your collection. Kami, Moria, Samantha and Sherri all give performances as well as their instructional section. But if you want to learn tribal fusion, you might want to think twice!

The name "Tribal Fusion Fundamentals" is misleading, because this DVD certainly wouldn't be suitable for beginners wanting to learn the basics. Being by four different dancers, each section is pitched slightly differently, but they're all pretty challenging. Intermediate to Advanced students may like it, but there are plenty of other DVD's at that level, by people like Sharon Kihara or Asharah, which are much better.

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Bellydance Superstars Tribal Fusion Fundamentals DVD Region 1 WS
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Bellydance Superstars Tribal Fusion Fundamentals 2009 DVD NIEUW WS
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