Tribal Essence: Tribal Fusion Choreography


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A nice Tribal Fusion choreography for intermediate dancers

Aubre Hill is Artistic Director of the Lumina Bellydance Company of Los Angeles.   She has danced with the Bellydance Superstars and has also appeared on FitTV's All Star Workouts (Bellydance with Aubre).   While she's known for her own style of Tribal Fusion, she also founded the Qabila Foundation, one of the first Arabic folk dance companies in the US.

Like many belly dancers, Aubre's experience encompasses a range of different dance and exercise modalities and these show in this DVD.    She teaches  combinations which are then used in a nice fusion choreography to "Teasing Ways" by Mosavo.  It's then performed solo by Aubre, and in a group staging by the Lumina dancers.

The blurb says there are only five combinations so you may think the dance will be short - but in fact the combos are much longer than usual, so it is a substantial routine.

If you want to improve your abs, this is a good DVD to do it with!  There is a lot of stomach work in this choreography - to the point where if you can't master it, the dance won't work.

The teaching is clear but Aubre doesn't hang around.   It moves fairly fast, too fast for beginners.

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