Thrillin’ Drillin’ with Sadie☺

Thrillin' Drillin' with Sadie Bellydance DVD

This DVD is a best-seller and no wonder.  Sadie is known for her technical control and here, she shares how she achieves that - by drilling.

Six different drill combinations are provided.   Although it begins with a section on basic technique, I don't think this DVD is suited to beginners.  The drill combos demand an ability to layer (combine) movements and I could imagine beginners getting discouraged, unless they're very determined. Even intermediates will be challenged by some of this stuff!

This is a serious, no frills drilling workout - no choreography, no fancy arm movements, just challenging hard work.  Recommended.

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SADIE Thrillin Drillin Belly Dance D DVD
SADIE Thrillin Drillin Belly Dance D DVD
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