The Tribal Bible

Review of: The Tribal Bible
Kajira Djoumahna

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On 21 September
Last modified:19 July


Educational for any tribal belly dancer

This is not a DVD, it's a book.   It's by Kajira Djoumahna, and describes itself as "the definitive resource for the dance style known as American Tribal Style Bellydance. History, development, interviews, costuming descriptions and construction tips, jewelry, history of textiles and ethnic jewelry used for this dance form".

Kajira has a distinguished track record in Tribal Style belly dance.   She was the first person chosen by Carolena Nericcio to teach ATS outside California.  While she went on to found her own style, BlackSheep Bellydance, she acknowledges its debt to the FatChance legacy and in fact, has continued to attend courses with FTBD.

The book is old now - it was published about 10 years ago - but of course, all of the information about the history of Tribal belly dance is still just as accurate and interesting.  Some of the costuming advice may look a little dated, but it's still an illuminating reference for any Tribal Style dancer.

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