The Art of Belly Dance, Beyond Basics: Enchanted Nile Belly Dance

Paulina, Jindra

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On 15 May
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For beginners

This is another in Paulina's series. It's labelled "Beyond Basics" but I'm not sure why - these are moves a new belly dancer would learn in her first term, including Hip Snaps, Sway Arms, Hip Circles, Egyptian Shimmy, Hip Lifts, Head Slides.

The word "Beyond" also suggests you need to study her other DVD, Arabian Sands, first - but it's not necessary.  In fact, a total belly dance novice could use this DVD.

It follows the same format as the others in the series, with Paulina patiently explaining the moves in a tutorial section, then Jindra takes over to teach a 30-minute workout.

Again, I get the feeling that the three sections of this DVD weren't originally designed to be together.  This time, the workout doesn't even use the moves taught in Section 1!  Some people may like that, because it means they learn more new steps - but it would make more sense if the workout was both an exercise session and a review of what you've just learned.

The final section is an (again unrelated) performance section.

Useful for the complete beginner, but not recommended for anyone beyond their first couple of terms.

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