What Australian belly dance site would be complete without master teacher Terezka?


The video below shows her in action in class at her Sydney belly dance studio.


Visit her website at Terezka's World of Danse Orientale

It's worth joining her mailing list to be notified of her excellent annual ball and regular overseas belly dance trips.

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4 Responses

  1. Kate says:

    I all the teachers I have encounted I can honestly say that Terezka is the best teacher of this ancient art that I have come across. She is passionate about bellydance and it shows when performs & teaches.
    I found that I gained a better undersyanding of dance thanks to Terezka discussing the meaning & instruments behind the music she uses at each class. I also found her that by encouraging her students to ‘dress’ for class allowed me to fully immerse myself into the dance.
    I found her very honest & encouraging whenever I seaked her advise on my own dancing & choreography.
    She places importance on technique in her classes, which I have found is sadly lacking by some teachers.
    I only wish I didn’t have to leave Sydney, as I really do miss her Tuesday classes

  2. sirena says:

    I’ve recently started Terezka’s classes and I agree, Kate, it is refreshing to find a teacher who places importance on technique. I don’t know why some teachers don’t – perhaps they think amateur dancers just want to have fun, and fear they will lose students if they make them drill technique? Personally I think the opposite is true.

  3. Sapphira says:

    Yes, it’s hard to know what more can be said about Terezka given how implicit her legacy is. She has mentored and inspired me in dance for more than a decade and i find that words can barely describe what she has gifted so widely through her dedication to this beautiful art form and community. Although i’d done several hundred shows, my dancing education was, without a doubt, incomplete until i trained with Terezka. I can’t seem to find the right words so suffice it to say that if you find yourself in a position to attend one of Terezka’s classes or workshops then please please please go! This is a safe, positive, uplifting and deeply fulfilling (spiritually, culturally, technically, physically and intellectually) learning environment.

  1. 9 March

    […] that influenced me in my dance are Terezka Drnzik (Sydney), Belyssa Radzivanas (Perth), Russya Connor (Germany) and Linda Faoro (France). I like to […]

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