Sultry Slow Moves with Sadie Belly Dance


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On 12 March
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Deserves 5 stars for its coverage of Cifti Telli, but not enough "Slow Moves"

I confess to being totally confused by this DVD at first, because the description says it's all about "Chiftetelli Taksim".

Now, I always thought Cifti Telli was a (fairly lively) Greek or Turkish rhythm, and Taksim was a slow, internalized, improvised section of a choreography.  I couldn't see how they could go together.

Watching Sadie's performance didn't help me much either, because it's fast!   In the instructional sections, she does cover transitions from quick to slow movements and back again, so perhaps that's where the "Slow Moves" description came from.  However I can't help feeling a much better title would have been "Mastering Chifti Telli", because there's more coverage of fast moves than slow ones, IMO.

There are 5 technique sections, each covering different moves suitable for the chifti telli rhythm at varying speeds, so if that's of interest to you, you'll find a LOT of material to work with in this production.   While most of the DVD will appeal to intermediate/advanced belly dancers, the first (and biggest) technique section is quite accessible for beginners, too.

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Sultry Slow Moves with Sadie Belly Dance

Slow Sultry Moves with Sadie Belly Dance DVD Video
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Slow Sultry Moves with Sadie Belly Dance DVD Video
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Sultry Slow Moves With Sadie Instructional Belly Dance Series DVD
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