Suhaila’s Beginning Choreography

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2 Responses

  1. Aziyade says:

    I own an original VHS version of this production, and this was one of the first choreographies I learned from videos.

    Although it’s true that the production quality is less than stellar (by today’s standards) this is not a poorly-made video by any means. The instruction is solid and clear. A very young Suhaila teaches a short portion of the choreography, drills it, then shows you what it looks like in performance. Then on to the next section, proceeding in this manner until the choreography is complete. It’s best if you have a solid grasp of one section before moving on to the next section, so expect to spend some time rewinding and practicing.

    A rank beginner, fresh out of her first set of classes might be a little intimidated by this choreography, but a student with a solid background of beginner classes will find it inspiring and fun. The movements are not overly complicated, but I can remember several of them being a little challenging to master. There is a lot of repetition in the choreography, which a more advanced dancer can use to showcase her personal expression of the music.

    I recommend this dvd for students who have had a few months of regular classes and are looking for a new challenge — OR for beginner-intermediate students who are looking for an instructional dvd that presents a full choreography suitable for performance.

    The music used is the song “Sea of Alexandria” from the wonderful CD “Princess of Cairo.” (Actually all of the music for Suhaila’s 3-dvd choreographies comes from this CD.) I love this piece of music and I thought the choreography’s musical interpretation was very nice.

    (By the way, for those of you who are familiar with Suhaila via her certification program, you won’t find a lot of complicated footwork or layering in this dvd. This is a choreography — more of a lyrical exploration of the music than it is a technique-based drill or practice dvd.)

  2. Thia says:

    Thanks for the detailed response, Aziyade. The quality is awful on the DVD I reviewed – but it was from eBay, so I’m now thinking perhaps I got sucked in by a pirated copy….

    That was my main complaint, because it doesn’t matter how good the instruction is if the picture isn’t clear!

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