Shimmy Shimmy Drop Drop – Learn Tribal Belly Dance Combinations


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On 21 November
Last modified:19 July


Good combos, well taught

This is a straightforward instructional DVD of Tribal combos.  Each one is demonstrated first, then broken down.  Importantly, cues are included.

Each combo section also shows how the moves can be used in performance to music, which is very useful.

The combos are:

  • Slow: Mudwalk and Maya Wave
  • Medium: Sidewinder , Butterchurn, and the $37.50 (parts 1, 2 and 3)
  • Drops: Flying Maya, Kick-Back Shoulder Shimmy, and the Wedgie Drop
  • Shimmies: Shimmy Coil, Rib Circle Shimmy, and the Sassafrass Combo

A basic understanding of belly dance moves is assumed, but the combos are not complicated and would be achievable by someone with a term or two of experience.

P.S.  Great music!   I wish more DVD's included a CD of the music - I for one would be prepared to pay extra for that.

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