Shik Shak Shok

The original Shik Shak Shok was written for Soheir Zaki by Helmi Bakris. It's often danced by amateur troupes, but I've always felt that it's really a number for advanced dancers. It's fast, and it has so many accents, newbie dance routines can degenerate into a frantic mix of hip and shoulder shimmies. Whereas watching a professional dance it, it's fascinating to notice the variety of ways they find to accentuate the beats - as in this impro by Cassandra Fox. Note the tummy flutters:


Next, a fabulous version by the effervescent Esmeralda Colabone:


Back to the original version, as written by Helmi Bakris, in this tribute to Soheir Zaki by Amira Al-Shuruq


Finally - oh, Dina, your costume choices do worry me sometimes:

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