Secrets of the Stage Volume 3

Michelle Joyce

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On 15 January
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Great information for would-be performers

Secrets of the Stage Volume 3: A Performance Course for Belly Dancers by Michelle Joyce

This is the third in the Secrets of the Stage series.  My favorite is Volume 2, but this DVD also has lots of useful information for aspiring belly dance performers.

The format is the same across the series - interviews with dancers and musicians, overlaid on video clips of performances.  The concept works well and the information is solid.

During my dance career I've had plenty of exposure to dancing to live music  - but many other dancers aren't so lucky, and are unprepared for the perils of dancing to a real band!    The "Dancing to Live Music" section features interviews with dancers and musicians and has a lot of good tips on preparation, etiquette, and survival techniques.   This is definitely the most useful part of the DVD.

I felt the "Creativity and Inspiration" segment was a bit light, as was the section on photo shoots - but the make-up demonstration was helpful.

Many dancers will find the Survival Arabic section useful, but not long enough - if it whets your appetite for more, you'll want to buy Habibi, you are my what...?

DANCERS - Nanna Candelaria, Sandra, Amira Ariana, Sabriye Tekbilek, Zari, Shoshanna, Adriana, Bahaia, Luna

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  1. Kaylah says:

    I really love this dvd. As a professional bellydancer I found the information very useful and I would highly recommend this to other dancers who would like go professional. It is very good value for moeny

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