Secrets of the Stage Volume 2

Michelle Joyce

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On 12 January
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Best of the three

For my money, this is the best of the Secrets of the Stage series.

The DVD films 5 professional dancers "working the crowd" at restaurant gigs, followed by a discussion of tipping - including the controversial practice of "body tipping".

Footage from the By Dancers For Dancers series is contrasted with examples of restaurant and cabaret shows, to illustrate the range of venues where a belly dancer can perform. In each case, the dancers explain how they adapted their performance to suit the venue.

Finally, there are interviews with the audience to get their perspective.

If you're just starting to perform as a belly dancer, this is a great introductory DVD giving you a good idea of what to expect - and what to watch out for!

Dancers Interviewed: Maria, Zaheea, Bahaia, DaVid, Louchia, Sandra, Shoshanna, Summer.

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