Rose Ottaviano

Rose Ottaviano is a Perth-based belly dancer but is well known Australia-wide for her dynamic bellydance performances and workshops. You can book her through Go Direct.

Rose is so in demand around Australia and Asia, it's a wonder she has time to teach in Perth as well - but you will find her at the Oasis Studio in Claremont, where she teaches  her unique Belly Dance Bootie Camp. I'm not familiar with the Bootie Camp, but Rose is also a nurse and fitness instructor so she's better qualified than most to put together a safe, effective belly dance/fitness program.

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  1. Lisa Hodgson says:

    Wow. I aspire to this level but alas will never attain that. I have been a fan for many years and to me Rose is the pinnacle of passion, technique and powerful creative expression. You go girl! Yr my hero. Lisa

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