Rachel Brice: Bellydance Arms and Posture

Rachel Brice

Reviewed by:
On 21 May
Last modified:19 July


A great arm/shoulder workout

If you're hoping for the definitive guide to Tribal arm movements, this isn't it. It's a workout designed to strengthen your arms and shoulders, and teach you the correct baseline technique, so you have the muscles and the control to do arm movements properly.

I don't think it's reasonable to criticize this DVD because it doesn't cover arm movements or floreos.   The clue is in the sub-heading:  "A Practice for Carriage, Coiling and Serpentine Stylization" - in other words, preparation for those moves, not the moves themselves.  But maybe that could've been made clearer.

Because it is all about correct arm technique, this DVD would be equally valuable to both Tribal and Oriental dancers.




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