Mystery: Fantasy Bellydance

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Mystery: Fantasy Bellydance:
Neon, Ayshe, Sera

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On 15 July
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Three choreos for the price of one DVD

'Mystery' is the first in a series of three choreography DVD's. Each DVD features three routines, each by a different dancer offering a different style of belly dance. Considering we usually have to pay for a whole DVD to get one choreography, that has to be good value!

The three dances here are:

#1: Serpent - (Neon)

#2: Shadow - Tribal Fusion (Sera)

#3: Phoenix (Wings of Isis) - (Ayshe)


All three choreographies are strong on story-telling and atmosphere, and beautifully danced. Each choreography is broken down and taught in detail, and also performed in full costume (which is the only time I have a beef with this DVD - someone should've given the cameraman a Valium and told him it's the belly dancer who dances, not him!).

All the instructors are good, experienced teachers as well as beautiful technicians, so the instruction would be easy to follow for most intermediate/advanced dancers. Ayshe's Isis Wings routine is a good introduction to that prop, though naturally not as thorough as her DVD dedicated to Wings.

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