Lunar Bellydance – East Coast Tribal

Review of: Lunar Bellydance
Sera Solstice

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On 7 June
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A lot of material at a good price

This is another East Coast Tribal belly dance DVD by Sera Solstice.  It's very atmospheric but it's not all ambience - there is a solid class in there too, culminating in a choreography!

The emphasis is on continuous flow, and the early sections of this DVD have a meditative quality - but don't gather too many cobwebs because the Hipwork section needs all your focus! It's fast, and there's no stopping to break anything down - if you don't know your basic moves, don't even attempt it! Even intermediate-level dancers will struggle to keep up.

The combos for the choreography are broken down in exhaustive detail, which helps get the style right.  If you like Sera's style, this is a perfect DVD for you.

The music in the clip is Djinn's Jimmy Hafla.

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