Instant Bellydancer by Neon (2-DVD set)


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Not for absolute beginners, but a good technical primer for ongoing students

Instant Bellydancer is a 2-DVD set by well-known belly dance teacher Neon.

This DVD will not make you an "instant bellydancer" overnight - but if you're a novice belly dancer wanting to improve, working with this DVD could pay dividends.

Perhaps the reason I like this, is that the moves are split up and taught in movement "families", which is the way I was taught originally.   That might be confusing for some beginners, who are more used to starting with easy moves and progressing to the harder ones - but it makes a lot of sense, especially if you follow the explanatory graphics like the one below.
I wouldn't recommend using it to learn belly dancing from scratch - especially as there's no warm-up, so I'd hate to think of someone using this as a complete class!  It also worries me that she includes head circles - warnings or no warnings, some stupid people will do them anyway, so why take the risk?  However, for belly dancers who already know how to exercise safely, this is a useful overview of technique across a broad range of movements.

Instant Bellydancer by Neon

Instant Bellydancer A Crash Course in Belly Dance with Neon TWO DVD SET Beg
Instant Bellydancer A Crash Course in Belly Dance with Neon TWO DVD SET Beg
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Note:  if you're buying a second-hand copy of this DVD, check the cover.   Neon had a previous DVD with the same title, aimed at girls wanting to learn a few belly dancing moves for use in clubs. You do not want that one !  To be safe, stick to the 2-DVD set.

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