How to Get Your Bellydance Mojo Back

Can I reignite my spark?

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on losing your dance mojo. At the time, I was referring to several posts I'd seen from teachers experiencing the issue - but I have to admit, it's happened to me, too.

For instance, I rediscovered ballet in my thirties and loved it, but then my beloved ballet teacher died. His wife continued the classes, and I attended for a while, but even she noticed something was missing. One day, she drew me aside and asked me what was wrong, because (she said) I used to have a spark glowing inside when I danced, and it had gone out.

I thought a break might help, so I decided to try flamenco.  A dance teacher had told me, years before, that I'd be a natural for flamenco - "it's written all over your body", she said.  Turned out she was right and I took to it like a duck to water, progressing very quickly and ultimately performing.  But ten years on, I had a major relationship breakup and somehow, I broke up with flamenco too.  I tried a belly dancing class and was invigorated by the relaxed sensuality of the moves, as opposed to the rigid control of flamenco.

Today I'm feeling a little out of love with belly dance, or perhaps I'm feeling that it's a little out of love with me.   Do I give it up and search for another genre, or do I take a different approach this time, stick it out and try to get my mojo back?  I went looking for advice and was surprised how many belly dance bloggers seem to have confronted the same issue.  Here are a few more links for inspiration:

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  1. Thank you for linking to my blog! I’m glad it was able to give you some food for thought in this difficult time. I hope that whether you decide to change up your approach to belly dance, or move on to another dance form, that you find your happiness in dance again.

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