Hossam Ramzy: Bedouin Tribal Dance Feat Gypsies of the Nile

Hossam Ramzy

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On 21 January
Last modified:19 July


A rare treat!

I wonder how many people glance at this and assume it's a CD?  I almost did - I saw the name Hossam Ramzy and assumed it was music (or at best, a DVD of a concert, not a dance performance).

Wrong!  This DVD is a rare treat - performances of  five different "Haggallah" wedding dances, with instruction by Serena Ramzy and choreographic notes available in .pdf format.    The dances are performed on a stage set up to look like a wedding tent.  The music is by Gypsies of the Nile, with Ramzy on percussion.

Obviously this is not for beginners - I can't imagine many beginners would be ready to delve into folkloric styles anyway! - but for intermediate and advanced dancers, this is a great introduction to another style of belly dance.

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