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Leyla Najma

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Useful combinations as building blocks for your own choreography

Leyla's description of this DVD reads, "there comes a time when a painter steps across the threshold to become an artist. And like a painter you too will arrive at a point when you're ready to move beyond the mechanics of Belly Dancing and infuse your dance with original emotion and drama."

Her words sound a bit "airy fairy" to me, but what she says is true.  Although a good teacher will encourage awareness of feeling right from the very first class, beginners have to focus most of their energy on just mastering the steps.  Eventually, there does come a point where you can take the basics for granted and give priority to expression and emotion.  What that has to do with this DVD, though, I'm not quite sure!

In fact this DVD is aimed at the dancer who has reached the next step in her belly dance journey - confident in expressing the choreography of others, she now wants to strike out and create her own.

The "Steps and Structure" to reach that goal are basically combinations. In that respect, it's not unlike the Combin-ography DVD, which teaches combinations for use during improvisation.   Volume 1 offers a variety of combos, while Volume 2 adds transition steps to join them together, and layering to add complexity.  Personally I preferred Combin-ography, but both have something to offer.

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