Hair and Make-Up for Mature Dancers

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2 Responses

  1. Joan Piotrowski says:

    Any tips for mature dancers who need to wear glasses?

    • Thea says:

      I wear glasses too. At first, my solution was to buy soft contact lenses. I know they’re not cheap, but one box would last me for many months because I only wore them for performances. The new soft ones are comfortable even for my sensitive eyes, and unlike the old ones, you don’t need to get used to them. Then one day, I forgot my contacts and had to dance without, and I managed fine. Although it’s nice to be able to see the audience, it’s not essential, and I could see well enough not to bump into my fellow dancers!

      If neither of those works for you, consider a pair of rimless or frameless glasses. From a distance, they are much less obvious than ordinary glasses. There’s a few places where you can order prescription glasses fairly cheaply now. I can’t speak for the quality as I’ve never tried them, but if you’re only going to wear them for performances, it wouldn’t really matter. Here’s one:

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