Get Fit With Belly Dance

Jindra Payne

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On 4 November
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Please, please stop counting!

This DVD features three separate belly dance fitness workouts led by Jindra Payne.  I suspect this is one of those DVD's you'll either love or hate - Jindra's style won't suit everyone.  The music volume is turned down so the main focus is Jindra's voice - and she does a lot of counting.   Some people will find that very helpful but others (like me) may find it irritating.   Hearing the counts is useful at first, but as you get to know the workouts, you want to relax and move to the music instead of the numbers!

It's hard to know where these workouts are pitched because I feel most intermediates/advanced dancers would soon find them too easy, but the lack of explanation could confound beginners.

This is a IAMED production.

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