Chinese Silk Fan Fusion with Mirabai: A Belly Dancer’s Guide to Enthralling Fan Fusion


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On 5 February
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Excellent intro to fan veils

What a find!  A DVD dedicated to fan veil, especially for belly dancers.

Fan veils are not traditional belly dance props - they come from Asia.  So instructional DVD's on fan veil have been thin on the ground until now.  In fact I know of only one other, by Jehan.

Mirabai's DVD covers the basics of dancing with the fan veil, including how to look after your fan - an important point, as they are quite delicate if misused.  I particularly like the way she explains the significance of the various moves in Chinese fan veil dances - I think it's always important to understand and respect the origins of props that belly dance adopts from other cultures.

Combinations are taught which can be built into a 5-minute choreography.


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