Fantasy Bellydance: MAGIC!

This is the third in a series of "fantasy" belly dance DVD's.  Each one teaches three short choreographies, each by a different teacher.   At over two hours long, it's good value too.

The dances in this case are "The Enchantress" (Autumn Ward - cabaret fusion), "The Warrior Princess" (Isidora Bushkovski - tribaret) and "Kali" (Ariellah - Gothic).  Each dancer has a distinctively different style and for that reason, I suspect that most dancers won't want to learn all three.   However, I think everyone would get some value from each dance - because the teachers don't confine themselves to just teaching the steps, they also offer a number of tips and ideas.  It's like having three workshops in a box!

I especially liked Isidora's section on how to handle a sword (and I love the fact that she never touches the blade during her performance, as if it were genuinely sharp - I wish more belly dancers would take heed of that, it really fosters the illusion for the audience!).

I had to sell my sword recently as I moved countries and wasn't allowed to import it 🙁   Otherwise I would be learning Isidora's wonderful choreography right now!


"Garden Play" by Earthbeat.

"Circle" by Solace.

"Filli Neidhardi" by Corvus Corax.


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