Fabulous Four Yard Veils with Shoshanna – Belly Dance


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On 18 January
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Don't be confused by the "four yards" reference - this DVD is aimed at improving your skill with a veil of any size and length!

Shoshanna herself uses a 4-yard veil, but she has two assistants dancing with different veils so you can see how shape and size affect the moves.

The lesson starts with basic movements and graduates to more complex ones.    I particularly like the way they drop the veil and demonstrate the more difficult movements without - it makes it so much easier to follow what the arms and hands are doing.

This would make a great introduction to veil for newbies, because it's not just a technique class.  Fabrics and sizes are discussed, and there's even a "Troubleshooting" section which goes over some of the pitfalls of dancing with veil - including knowing when to abandon it!

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