East Coast Tribal – Beginner Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Sera Solstice is the founder of East Coast Tribal Bellydance, which is apparently "characterized by intense multi-layer hipwork, serpentine full-body movement, deep emotive power and story-telling flow".

There's a lot of material in this DVD, including a full-on 30 minute muscle workout and meditation, followed by 50 minutes of technique and combinations.

The full title of this DVD is Foundations of Bellydance: East Coast Tribal - Beginner Tribal Fusion Bellydance.   I'm not convinced I would recommend it for beginners as it could be somewhat overwhelming for the total novice.  Also the warmup is challenging and could lead to injuries for the inexperienced.

Overall, worth it for the beyond-beginner/intermediate tribal dancer for the workout section alone, even if this isn't your style.

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Tribal Sera Solstice East Coast Tribal Foundations of BellyDance
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