Delicious Pauses

Review of: Delicious Pauses
Rosa Noreen

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On 15 February
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A lovely introduction to a neglected aspect of belly dance!

As a beginner belly dancer, your focus is all on the steps.   But as you get more advanced, you start to discover that the spaces between the steps are just as important!   It takes a lot of confidence to stand still in front of an audience - the temptation is to keep moving, moving, moving  - but pauses are vitally important, adding light and shade and emphasis.  That's why I was excited to come across this DVD by Rosa Noreen - pauses can, indeed, be delicious!

rosa noreen delicious pausesHowever, I wasn't at all sure there would be enough material in pauses to make a whole DVD.   But blow me down, this DVD is a full 75 minutes long, and none of it is padding.

In fact, it's very methodical - starting with how to pause in theory, then working through a range of different movements, demonstrating and then practising how to incorporate pauses  in the most effective way.

It may seem a bit slow-moving for some, but that's the point - forcing you to slow down and sink into the moves, allowing yourself time!


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