Combination Nation Vol 2: Belly Dance Instruction with America’s Hottest Performers


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On 20 February
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Over 2 hours of choreography!

If you liked Combination Nation Volume 1, you'll like this DVD.

Featuring a different cast of dancers including Aradia, DaVid, Kristina Canizares , Magidah, Maria, Oreet, Sa'diyya, Sandra and Zari, the concept is the same -  a variety of belly dancers, each sharing their favorite steps and combinations.

The result is a DVD that can be enjoyed on two levels - first, as a showcase of several top notch dancers and second, as a source of choreographic ideas.   The music is available on the Ya Bahaia CD and the Bellylicious Raks CD, so you can buy the music to use for your own recreation of the routines.

Because there are so many different instructors, there are obviously differences in teaching style and level - some dancers are better at breaking down the moves than others, for instance.  Bearing that in mind, I'd say most of this DVD is well within the range of the Intermediate dancer, but would also appeal to Advanced dancers looking for new ideas.

The good thing about having a range of different moves from different teachers is that there's something for everyone.   It's unlikely every single combo will be to your taste, but it's almost certain you'll still find enough good material to make this DVD worthwhile anyway.

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