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Ideal for those struggling with how to improvise or choreograph

If you've ever struggled to improvise in belly dance, you need this DVD! It would also be invaluable for teachers as a resource to help teach students how to improvise.

Some dancers find it easy to improvise while others take to it like a duck to water.  Talk to those who find it easy, and you'll find a common thread is that they don't think about the dance as a series of individual moves - instead, they tend to string together favorite combinations.

Combin-ography - Bridging the gap between choreography and improvisation - belly dance

That's why this DVD is called "combin-ography", and Bahaia demonstrates some reliable combinations you can use - but that's only a small part of the DVD. There are lots of tips and ideas on things like what to do if you're stuck, entries and exits and how to find your "signature step" (sometimes called the "safety step" - it's both the step you're known for, and the step you resort to when you can't think of anything else!). She also covers a range of "filler" steps (like walks), with variations.

Overall, it's a comprehensive approach to how to put a dance together and is bound to give even a fairly new belly dancer more confidence to get up and give improvisation a try. For those about to embark on performance, it would be especially valuable.

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