Cleopatra is a Gold Coast belly dancer who has assumed the mantle handed down by the renowned Rozeta Ahalyea (one of the founders of belly dance in Australia).

Although Cleopatra already had several years' belly dance training before she met Rozeta in the early 90's, she credits Rozeta with giving her the skills and inspiration to become a professional belly dancer - and ultimately, to take over the Robina school and the Rozeta Belly Dance troupe.

Cleopatra describes their style as Danse Orientale with a predominantly Egyptian influence, enriched with influences from Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and the Bedouins.

Cleopatras Belly Dancers offers solo performers, duos or troupe performances and has a special package for hens' parties.  Book them on

As well as belly dance, Cleopatra teaches her own unique style of Zumba called "Shimba".   It's an obvious development of Zumba and I'm surprised more belly dance teachers aren't doing it - let's hope it attracts some new recruits!   I'm also intrigued to see that Cleopatra offers a belly dance weight belt.   I've seen these before but not in Australia.   I've heard they are good for improving the strength of your shimmy and hip movements.


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