Tribal Bras & Belts

tribal belly dance bras

Bras – Tribal

Tribal belly dancers are much less likely to wear a “matchy-matchy” bra and belt.   Bras are listed below, belts can be found here. Tribal belly dance bra tops used to be...

Belts – Banjara

The Banjara people are nomadic tribes from Rajasthan in India.  They’re known for the rich colors of their textiles, embellished with mirror chips and coins – perfect for Tribal belly...

Belts – Kuchi

The Kuchi are nomadic Afghan herdsmen.  Their belts have been adopted as a signature piece by American Tribal Style dancers. There are still hundreds of thousands of Kuchi people living...

belly dance coin belt

Coin Belts

Coin belts are more popular in Tribal belly dance, but they can be a useful accessory for any belly dancer.  This one (photo right) from is simple but elegant,...

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