Tribal Tops, Skirts & Pants

Tribal Choli top pattern

Tops – Choli

When buying a choli top, be sure to check the back view.  The classic ATS choli tops have an open back, with ties above and below – and that means...

belly dance halter top

Tops – Halter

Halter tops are less popular than choli tops, but they are a comfortable option for dance classes, and they also work as costumes for some Tribal fusion styles. Tribal Bellydance...

tribal belly dance skirt

Skirts – 25/32 yard

Tribal belly dance circle skirts are most commonly described by the amount of material used in the tiers.   25 yard and 32 yard skirts are the gold standard. As a...


Tribal belly dance pants have gone beyond ATS and Tribal fusion, and are worn in class – and occasionally in performance – by belly dancers of all styles.  They are...

tribal harem pants

Harem Pants

Ask a non-bellydancer to describe belly dance costume and chances are, harem pants would be mentioned somewhere – but funnily enough, these days they’re less frequently worn than other alternatives....

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