Category: Tribal Accessories

tribal belly dance bindis


Bindis are a decorative mark on the body.  They were traditionally worn on the forehead but you’ll also see them on Tribal bellydancers’ cheeks, around the eyes, and around the...



Tribal belly dancers can wear chokers and necklaces from a wide variety of cultures – Egyptian Ghawazee, Afghan Kuchi, Moroccan Tribal, American Indian to name a few. Many modern hippie...

tribal belly dance bracelet


I dislike wearing loose bracelets when dancing, because they so easily get hooked on clothing.  If I’m going to wear something on my arms, then I’ll choose something that fits...

tribal gauntlets


Gloves, long and short are very popular in tribal fusion.   Unfortunately if your goal is to disguise flabby upper arms, you’ll find most gloves don’t come high enough to do...

belly dance anklet


The feet are the dancer’s link to the earth and thus important to any Tribal belly dancer.   Anklets and foot adornments can do for the feet what hip belts do...

tribal belly dance foot thongs

Foot Thongs

Belly dance is traditionally danced in bare feet, but not everyone is comfortable with that.  If your feet are soft (or your dance studio floor is uneven), dancing in bare...

tribal belly dance earrings wood


The style of Tribal belly dance earrings are limited only by your imagination.   Not limited to jewels, they often include shells, tassels and coins and can be made of metal,...

Hair – Clips

Hair – Clips

Feathers and flowers are an essential part of a Tribal bellydancer’s hair arrangement. They add color, texture and shape.   Tribal bellydance Hair Clips on eBay If, like me, you...

Hair Falls

Hair Falls

No tribal dancer’s outfit is complete without an elaborate hair arrangement.  Unlike cabaret belly dance, your hair need not be long – turbans, headbands and hair ornaments can provide sufficient...



Tribal belly dance costumes are often adorned with tassels.  They may be made of yarn, or incorporate coins and jewels.   These tassels can be used to decorate belts, arm bands,...

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