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LED Isis Wings

LED Isis Wings

It seems that technology is invading belly dance more and more, and as always Tribal dancers are in the vanguard.    I have not tried these LED Isis Wings myself and...

Veil Poi

Veil Poi

Veil poi are an adaptation of a traditional Maori and Hawaiian practice.  Don’t confuse veil with flag – the material on flag poi is much shorter. Veil Poi on eBay...

Fire Poi

Fire Poi

Fire poi are a dramatic prop, though they must be handled with care, especially at performances where the audience isn’t separated by a barrier.   If fire feels too dangerous, you...

LED Light Poi

LED Light Poi

Dancing with fire is dramatic and exciting, but in these days of smoke detectors, it’s not always practical to do indoors!  LED provides a safe alternative. LED Poi on eBay...

tribal belly dance bindis


Bindis are a decorative mark on the body.  They were traditionally worn on the forehead but you’ll also see them on Tribal bellydancers’ cheeks, around the eyes, and around the...



Tribal belly dancers can wear chokers and necklaces from a wide variety of cultures – Egyptian Ghawazee, Afghan Kuchi, Moroccan Tribal, American Indian to name a few. Many modern hippie...

tribal belly dance bracelet


I dislike wearing loose bracelets when dancing, because they so easily get hooked on clothing.  If I’m going to wear something on my arms, then I’ll choose something that fits...

tribal gauntlets


Gloves, long and short are very popular in tribal fusion.   Unfortunately if your goal is to disguise flabby upper arms, you’ll find most gloves don’t come high enough to do...

Tribal Choli top pattern

Tops – Choli

When buying a choli top, be sure to check the back view.  The classic ATS choli tops have an open back, with ties above and below – and that means...

belly dance halter top

Tops – Halter

Halter tops are less popular than choli tops, but they are a comfortable option for dance classes, and they also work as costumes for some Tribal fusion styles. Tribal Bellydance...

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