Drum Solo

Rania Advanced Choreography Drum Solo

  This DVD teaches a choreography for a Lebanese style drum solo routine. Although billed as ‘Advanced’, I’d place the level at Intermediate. It’s easy to follow the tuition because...

101 Shimmies Vol 2

101 Shimmies Vol 2

The second in Samra Iara’s 101 Shimmies series – but I feel it’s misnamed. This is not about shimmies, it’s about combinations.  14 combinations to 6 basic Middle Eastern Rhythms,...

101 Shimmies Volume 3 Drum Choreography

101 Shimmies Volume 3 Drum Choreography

This is a drum solo choreography by Samra to  Clap Happy by Uncle Mafufo. It uses the shimmies and combos taught in the first two DVD’s of the series. I...

Bellydance Rhythms Workout☺

Neon again, but a much better DVD this time! This is a combination of drum solo drills and belly dance fitness workout, and it works surprisingly well.    There are 40...

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