belly dance balancing sword


Important notice for our British and Japanese readers:  current customs regulations mean it is very difficult to import a sword into the UK or Japan.  Some of our suppliers do...

chiffon belly dance veil

Veils – Chiffon

Polyester chiffon is the most popular material for belly dance veils because it’s easy-care – you can stuff it in your dance bag after class and it won’t mind! This...

belly dance silk veil

Veils – Silk

Silk belly dance veils can be expensive – but one way to defray the cost is to buy a tie-dyed or multi-color veil.    That way, you can use the same...

melaya leff belly dance


Melaya Leff (or Luff) is a light-hearted dance from Alexandria.   Although it looks like  (and is!) fun, it’s actually quite challenging because the melaya is so much bigger and heavier...

belly dance isis wings

Isis Wings

Make sure you’re buying the right size Isis Wings – professional wings are huge! While even short dancers should be able to handle professional Isis wings, they can be dangerous...

belly dance shamadan


The Shamadan is a very special prop,  strictly for advanced belly dancers – not only because it’s an extraordinarily heavy thing to balance on your head, but because there’s fire...

fan veils tribal belly dance

Fan Veils

Fan veils are an Asian dance prop which has been widely adopted by Tribal belly dancers – and increasingly in the wider belly dance community, too. I’m in two minds...

assaya stick belly dance cane

Canes (Assaya stick)

Most of my eBay suppliers sell their canes in sets. If you just need a single cane (and can’t find a few friends to share a bulk purchase), you’ll find...


When buying zills (also known as sagats), always choose zills that have two slots for elastic, not a single hole. If you want the very best zills, you’re in the wrong...

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