Middle Eastern Dance Shop

Skirts – Chiffon

While tight-fitting lycra skirts are all the rage, chiffon skirts still have their place – and some dancers feel more comfortable in something that doesn’t cling to their curves.  Belly...

mermaid belly dance skirt pattern

Skirts – Fishtail

The “Fishtail” or “mermaid” skirt covers a variety of styles:  some fishtail skirts have a tight basque around the hips with a full skirt below; some are a 6- or...

satin skirt belly dance

Skirts – Satin

Satin skirts are not in fashion, but personally I still like their sheen, which catches the light as you move. A simple satin skirt is a good base for a...

belly dancing costume shorts

Pants – Costume Shorts

Sheer harem pants, chiffon skirts and thigh-high slits present a problem – modesty!   The current trend for professional costumes in Egypt is to provide matching shorts – they may even...

belly dance balancing sword


Important notice for our British and Japanese readers:  current customs regulations mean it is very difficult to import a sword into the UK or Japan.  Some of our suppliers do...

chiffon belly dance veil

Veils – Chiffon

Polyester chiffon is the most popular material for belly dance veils because it’s easy-care – you can stuff it in your dance bag after class and it won’t mind! This...

belly dance silk veil

Veils – Silk

Silk belly dance veils can be expensive – but one way to defray the cost is to buy a tie-dyed or multi-color veil.    That way, you can use the same...

melaya leff belly dance


Melaya Leff (or Luff) is a light-hearted dance from Alexandria.   Although it looks like  (and is!) fun, it’s actually quite challenging because the melaya is so much bigger and heavier...

belly dance coin belt

Coin Belts

Coin belts are more popular in Tribal belly dance, but they can be a useful accessory for any belly dancer.  This one (photo right) from Bellydance.com is simple but elegant,...

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