Why do all belly dancers drool over Assiut?   It seems to be a common obsession with both cabaret and Tribal dancers! Be careful, because the technique can be applied...

egyptian belly dance costume

Professional Costumes

There will come a point in your belly dance career when a camisole and a jingly hip scarf isn’t enough any more!  Note that in professional belly dance circles the...

belly dancing bedleh

Bra & Belt Sets

A bra and belt set (also called a “bedleh” or “bedlah”) is the traditional starting point for a belly dance costume, and is still a good foundation for beginners. A...

plus size belly dance top

Plus Size

It’s good to see suppliers gradually offering more plus size belly dance costumes.     This page features a selection of bras, costumes, beledi dresses etc. in larger sizes. If you’re looking...

beledi dresses belly dance

Baladi/Saidi Dresses

Many dancers perform all styles of belly dance in a standard bedlah or two piece belly dance costume, but it’s nice to see an increasing number of dancers opting for...

belly dance khaleeji dress

Khaleegy Dresses

Khaleegy means “Gulf” in Arabic, and in belly dance, it’s used to describe music from  the Persian Gulf region.   Like any Arabic word, you’ll see it converted into English in...

childrens belly dance costumes

Costumes – Children’s

Children’s belly dance costumes are most likely to be Indian-style with a butterfly tie-top, and a chiffon skirt and/or chiffon pants.  Bear in mind that the chiffon pants or skirt...

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