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Men in Belly Dance

Men in Belly Dance

In the West, most men in belly dance are husbands of bellydancers – in fact there’s a great Facebook support group specially for them! Male students are so rare, most...

fan veils tribal belly dance

Dancing with Fan Veils

OK, so maybe I’m an old fogey – but I just don’t like fan veils. Not because they’re not traditional – although they are certainly not traditional in belly dance,...


The Magic Carpet Man

Ever since I started this website, I’ve been mystified by the number of visitors who are looking for “magiccarpetman.gif”. It finally dawned on me to check the Wayback Machine and...

belly dance sisterhood

Is Belly Dancing Teaching a Sisterhood?

As someone who has danced in many other genres, when I (finally) discovered belly dancing, one thing struck me very forcibly. Belly dance teachers talk to each other! Some belly...

Weight Belts for Belly Dancing?

Weight Belts for Belly Dancing?

I’ve recently come across something called Power Belly weight belts, and I was totally fascinated! Here’s a promotional video for it: Basically it involves wearing a 10-pound weight belt around...

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