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Student Troupe Belly Dance Costumes

When your belly dance school is ready to form its first dance troupe, it’s important to give careful thought to how you’ll tackle the question of what to wear. You...

Belly Dance Costume Smells!

The audience may like to think we’re glamorous goddesses who glow rather than perspire, but unfortunately that’s not the reality – and that means sweat soaks into the fabric of...

How to Shorten Isis Wings

How to Shorten Isis Wings

Professional Isis Wings are enormous – they’re meant to be! I’m only 5 ft 2 inches (160 cm), but even I can handle full-size wings. It simply comes down to...

How to Make Godets (Chiffon Inserts)

How to Make Godets (Chiffon Inserts)

Adding a chiffon insert (godet) to your belly dance skirt doesn’t look difficult – but personally, it’s one of my least favorite things! I had come across godets before as...

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