Cardio-Tribal Belly Dance

Robin Denise Johnson

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On 9 February
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A nice workout for the very unfit beginner

Cardio-Tribal Belly Dance

This one piqued my curiosity!

There are quite a number of belly dance workouts available on DVD, but this is the first Tribal (actually Tribal fusion) version I've come across.  It's by Robin Denise Johnson.

It's a low-impact workout, so if you're fit, you won't even break a sweat - but it could be a good starting point if you're out of shape. Because it's demonstrated by full-figured women, it also feels less threatening than a "fitness video", if you're overweight yourself.

The DVD includes a 40-minute uninterrupted run-through of the class, and a short choreography.

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  1. Marianne O. Herring says:

    There are two versions of Tribal Groove. If you’re learning Tribal Groove for yourself then you need the student edition. If you’re going to be teaching Tribal Groove or leading African Body Percussion groups then you need the Teaching Edition, which includes lesson plans and extra materials for teachers, and a license to use in schools and groups. Still not sure? See below how the versions compare .

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