Canes (Assaya stick)

Most of my eBay suppliers sell their canes in sets. If you just need a single cane (and can't find a few friends to share a bulk purchase), you'll find a good selection at

Belly dance canes on eBay

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Belly dance cane

If you're really strapped for cash (and don't mind having a straight cane rather than a hooked one) it's easy to make your own - just buy a length of dowel and cover it.  You can find gold or silver sticky tape in gift wrapping supplies - wrap it around the cane at an angle.

A cane that's too long is dangerous and difficult to use - you may hit the floor with it when you're twirling.   Checking the right length is simple: hold your cane upright on the floor in front of you, with your hand resting on the handle. Your hand and elbow should form a straight line, parallel with the floor.  If it's too tall, simply cut some off the end.

Whether bought or made, most dancers prefer to add something to the end of the cane to help with grip.  Actually, that's a bad word to use - because if you do grip your cane, you won't be able to twirl it properly! What you need is something to reduce the risk of it slipping out of your hand.   The most popular choice is the good old elastic band, wound around the end a few times. I've also seen gaffer tape used, or the tape tennis players use for racquet handles.



Photo by Tanna Valentine

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