Bellydance with Veil by Sarah Skinner

Sarah Skinner

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On 21 May
Last modified:15 December


A comprehensive DVD on how to dance with veil

Aargh!  I would've given this DVD five stars, but for the fact that Sarah dances facing you and she doesn't mirror.   So when she says "left" she actually uses her left hand, meaning you have to reverse everything if you want to follow.  Maybe I am uncoordinated, but I found that hard to do!

Otherwise, this is a great DVD.   Everything you wanted to know about veil technique but didn't know how to ask - from the qualities of the different fabrics and sizes available, through simple use of the veil to more complicated combos, some of which I had never seen before.  There's even a great section, which I've never seen on any other DVD, on how to recover from veil mishaps - which, let's face it, happen all too often - and make them look like you meant it all along.

Well worth the investment.


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