Bellydance Underworld

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On 17 April
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Am I getting old?  With a few honorable exceptions, I found most of the routines on this DVD terminally boring. I really don't see what's "experimental" about dancer after dancer doing minor variations on Rachel Brice.

Diana Maria DellaStrega just about summed it up in her review on Amazon:

Stand in place, look really serious, do your Tribal snake arms, pop and lock in slowmo like a breakdancer doing Tai Chi, roll your belly, and bend over backwards for the big dramatic finish. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Special mention must go to Nekyia.  Don't we have enough trouble educating the general public that belly dance is not sleazy?  Slithering around naked on a carpet ain't going to help, honey - do it if it floats your boat, but please don't call it belly dancing.

Thumbs down.

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