Bellydance Superstars (2004)

Performed by:
Bellydance Superstars

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On 15 July
Last modified:17 December


An old favourite

This was the very first DVD by the Bellydance Superstars.

I've seen many conflicting reviews of this performance, and it's certainly true it's a mixed bag.    Nevertheless, this is an old favorite in my collection and one I often pop into my DVD player on a chilly winter afternoon, because there's so much variety. I just skip over the solos I don't like!

If nothing else, it's a good resource of ideas for choreography and costume.

Features Suhaila Salimpour, Jillina, Sonia, Amar Gamal, Rania, Ansuya, Rachel Brice, Tamalyn Dallal and a "special" (excruciating!) performance by Dondi as Marilyn Monroe.

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